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"Spartan Defense did an outstanding job in teaching their concealed handgun class that I attended. I not only learned the necessary classroom requirements as per the law, but my instructor, Teddy Collins, also shared a lot of valuable information that I found very beneficial regarding how to handle specific life threatening situations. His many years of training and firearms experience made the all-day class enjoyable and educational. I highly recommend the Spartan Defense course to anyone who wishes to take personal responsibility for the safety of their family, home or business.” --- Texas State Representative Raul Torres Matthew Wesson : What a fantastic course! Well thought out and extremely comprehensive. This is the ONLY NRA approved class in the area and it shows. Plenty of time for questions and the instructor is very knowledgeable. I researched all the classes in the area and based on the instructors accredidations and the NRA approval, I chose this one, and I was not disappointed. Very glad I took this class over any others...thank you. JARROD OLDHAM : I couldn't have asked for a better experience in a CHL class. Teddy, the instructor, was the consummate professional at all times while keeping the material engaging and entertaining. I would recommend this class to any of my friends or associates without reservation.



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Located in Corpus Christi,Texas

- Texas Concealed Handgun License Classes (CHL)
- NRA Advanced Firearm Personal Protection Classes
- Private Handgun Lessons & Classes
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      At Spartan Defense, we are dedicated to your rights as a law abiding citizen. Our mission is to train the lawful in defense of the unlawful. We believe that protecting yourself, family, friends, and loved ones is of the utmost importance and this protection is granted through the Second Amendment.
      In this day and age, you can never be too careful, especially here in Corpus Christi. Crime is on the rise and unfortunately, when seconds count between life and death the police are only minutes away. With a Texas concealed handgun license (CHL) you can feel secure that your loved ones are protected and with the proper training you can rest assured.

CHL Classes in Corpus Christi

Why Spartan Defense is the right choice

- All Classes Are One Day & One Location. We are one of the only places in town to offer this benefit.
- Instructors are certified to teach by both the State of Texas and the National Rifle Association
- Comfortable learning environment
- Informative and entertaining modern-day teaching style
- All applications are submitted online for the quickest turnaround ; saving you from the state manual packets with 100's of pages of paper work to fill out and have notarized.
- The required Passport Photos are included in your Concealed Handgun Class(CHL)
- Handgun rental for and at your convenience (additional charges apply for firearm type and ammo)
- On site shooting qualification without the trouble of traveling all around town to different locations
- We are a member of the National Rifle Association business alliance
- and last but definitely not least, Peace of Mind

      When it comes to Texas CHL, Spartan Defense wants to promote a high level of standards through our concealed handgun courses, based in Corpus Christi. Although, concealed carry is valuable in any given critical or dangerous moment(s), it is a huge responsibility. Part of this responsibility is knowing both the state and federal laws of your location but there are other legal and moral responsibilities that must be considered. At Spartan Defense we will mentor you and train you in the legal lay of the land and in accordance with Texas concealed handgun laws and make sure you know how to respond after a justified use of force or deadly force. At Spartan Defense We Teach a State of The Art Class with incorporated Videos that are humorous yet educational. We Do Not teach from the perspective of a police officer. We do not stand and lecture for 10 hours and we do not read the entire law book verse by verse. Instead we teach from a civilian legal perspective since all licensees will be carrying under the authority of a civilian license.
      We at Spartan Defense want to make sure our students understand all the legal repercussions involved when using the firearm in self defense so they can better protect themselves not only physically but legally. We challenge our students with situational analysis questions to better prepare them for real life encounters. As a added bonus our handgun license instructor is the only NRA personal protection instructor teaching CHL in this area of Texas and incorporates there expertise' into the class.

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